Monday, 3 February 2014

Hi there readers, Assalamualaikum! Its Neel 
Sorry I didn't post last week, but I honestly have no excuse, so I'm just going to shout-out a massive HAPPY NEW YEAR, to all of you! *belated

So instead of doing the average, New Year's Resolutions, which we all have to admit doesn't really work out, atleast for me it never does :P

So I thought I'd share a few things on how to get a kick-start on this auspicious 2014!


1: The Happy Jar

I saw a post about this on Instagram, and i thought it was the cutest little idea ever. Basically, you fill a jar with any happy/special moments you experienced and write it down on a little piece of paper. And at the end of the year, just reminisce on the good times..

2: Similar to the first, The Memory Box
I really encourage keeping a memory box and putting little things of sentimental value inside it, and, who knows? Years from now, you can pass on the treasure to your next generation :)

3: Motivational Posters: 

You always need a pep-me-up after a bad day, and what better way to lift your mood up by adding a HUGE POSTER of something that brings out your inner confidence?
My personal quote is:
"Be the change you want to see in the world- Gandhi" 
Or a shorter option, you can never go wrong with:


4: I save the best for last, *drum-roll*

the old fashioned POLAROID CAMERA!
Not many people print photographs nowadays like they used to, because of the easy access to numerous social networking sites. 
Until I got my own camera in late December, I actually forgot how it felt to have a hard copy of a really good memory in your hand, rather than on your Facebook profile.
So all I'm saying, is that investing in a Polaroid cam is really worth it, especially at the start of the year. Its a perfect opportunity to capture those moments and get it printed out, at that very same moment. Without having any idea how it's going to turn out, let it be candid or silly. But nonetheless, it's a nice little vintage piece of machinery to not get your hands on. 


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