Tuesday, 17 December 2013

My winter/fall essentials

Hi there, Its Neel here <3
It’s that topic where besides the obvious semi-warm clothing (I live in Dubai, and its not really considered “cold”), there are a few little things that we always walk past by in a shop/grocery store..
And I thought I’d give them more justice by sharing them with you.

Lets start off with, my fashion items..

Checkered Scarves!

If you’re a girl like me, and only own the bare basics of clothing, this is the most perfect accessory for the cold season. It pulls an outfit together without even trying, whilst adding that “christmasey” touch. And can also double-up as a blanket if youre travelling as well, which is always a plus.


Selecting the perfect flannel for you, can be a struggle as there’s so much of variety and it becomes really hard to make a decision. So my advice would be:
  • If you’re slightly warm-toned like me, choose a flannel with deeper colours such as deep purples, brown, navy’s etc. If you’re cool-toned, then opt for a brighter, more festive option such as bright red/green.
  • The checkered blocks, should preferably be large and spaced-out.
  • Whatever colour it may be, I like it to look washed out and worn..doing so, gives a more casual and laidback feel.

Combat/Cozy Boots..

Nothing can make an outfit scream WINTER, like boots do. It adds this rugged, rusty touch to an outfit and you can dress it up or dress it down. It can be worn with pretty much anything, but my absolute fave, is pairing it with maxi skirts/dresses.

Thick B/W Thermal Vests:

As boring as it sounds, you never know when there’ll come a day where the cold air will stab your chest resulting in a 4-day long cold, YES, it did happen.
A really good staple for transitioning summer outifts to winter, provides the warmth and acts like a charm against the chills. My favourites are the ones from M&S. They’re definitely worth the price.


Smelling yummy is crucial every part of the year, but the winter season is meant for heavy/rich tones as opposed to light tones in perfume. My favourite so far has been:
“White Musk Fantasy” by The Body Fantasies
Smells just like it sounds, rich white musk, with a hint of talc. Lasts 8 hours on my skin, which is pretty darn good for a mist. Really inexpensive, available at Spinneys or any grocery store near you.

An alternative would be..
The “White Musk Perfume Oil” by The Body Shop

Perfume oils are much more soothing for the skin as It contains no alcohol. It last 12 hours on my skin, has the same smell as the mist, but double the price.

And last but not least, Lip Balms!

I cannot emphasize how important it is, this time of the year, because my actual lips don’t get chapped, it’s the area around it which does. So, thick, rich, moisturizing lipbalm is definitely a staple in my purse/schoolbag. For daytime wear, I recommend the Cocoa Butter Formula.

For nightime, I go for something more heavy like the Nivea Lip Butter in “Vanilla and Macadamia”

Okay, those are my absolute essentials for winter, aside from many more, but if you want to see them, leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to do them soon. Until next week then xo, Neel
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