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"Make Up talk" for Beginners!

Hi there munchkins! Assalamualaikum <3
To start off, I don’t encourage preteens or teens to wear makeup on a daily basis for example, going too school, the park etc. Once you start doing so, your face loses its young appearance, and you will need makeup to look more awake. If your skin is problem-free, why create a problem, know what im sayin’? Anyways, this post is in no way professional, it’s just my “routine” when I go out to a special event once in a while/ night out with my girlfriends.


First on the list: ALL THE PRODUCTS I USE:
Im going to go over my skincare products first, because its crucial to have a clean base, before you apply any makeup.

  •  “Garnier Light Night Cream”- I use a night cream because I want my skin to be heavily moisturized so if I put any face makeup later on, it wont look cakey. Wait 10 minutes before applying makeup. Or apply two layers of any moisturizer of your choice.

  •  “Boots Cucumber Whitening Eye Gel”- This is to ensure my under eyes are moisturized, because it’s the most delicate part of your face.

  • “Vaseline”- Good ‘ol Vaseline. This multifunctional product can be useful for almost everything needed on our face today. I use the Aloe Vera.

Now for Makeup: Ladies! All you need are 3 KEY PRODUCTS, which are..

  •  Concealer - (MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in the shade“NW35”) It’s a heavy-duty concealer, which is on the expensive side, but  I recommend splurging on a good concealer because it will last you literally years. Alternatives are the “Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer, at Sephora”.

  •   Dark Brown/Dark Taupe Eyeshadow (depending on your skin tone) – (MAC single eyeshadow in the shade “Charcoal Brown”/”Omega” for lighter skin. You do not have to use the same brand. Any brown/taupe eyshadow from the drugstore, clothing shops etc. is totally fine.
  •   Baby Powder: If its delicate enough for a baby’s bottom, it can sit on my face any day. It smells nice, makes you appear a lil bit more awake as well. I use Johnson’s Baby Powder.
    And some extra lil’ tools such as:
    •  Cosmetic Sponges- (found in Daiso), To apply your makeup. Its inexpensive and  cheaper than a brush. You can use your fingers, but keep in mind, that doing so, applies more amount of makeup on a certain area on your face, resulting in a cakey look, which we’re trying to avoid.

    • Angled brush: For filling in your eyebrows, and doing your eyeliner.
    • Blush brush: For contouring the hollows of your cheeks. (I found an inexpensive set of brushes in Forever 21 which includes, the angled and blush brushes. And might I just add they are the cutest ever)
    Second on the list: My HOW TO: EYE PRIMER!

    All you’ll need, is a
    contact lens case/ any small container,
    a toothpick/cottonbud, some Vaseline, cornstarch and body butter. Don’t use lotion, as it can become quite harsh on the delicate eye area.

    Now.. mix them all together depending on your preference in consistency. I personally like mine, with more concealer, but if you have dry eyelids, add a little more body butter.

    The purpose of an eye-primer is to make anything sitting on your eyes, stay put the whole night wihout smudging or dusting away. This is really important while putting makeup, and should not be skipped.

    Third on the list: MY “SO CALLED PRO” TIPS ;)

    •  Apply concealer on your blemishes with fingers, and , ALWAYS USE A DAMP SPONGE for concealing under eye circles. It looks more natural, and doesn’t give you a cakey look.
    • Damp your angled brush, and apply brown eyeshadow on the sparse areas on your eyebrows, for a more defined look. Keep in mind, to use a light hand. You don’t want to have that “drawn-on” brow look. Keep it natural. 
    • Apply your homemade primer on the area closest to your lashline, with a damp angled brush, concentrate the brown eyeshadow, on this area. Voila, it acts as a liner, yet still looking very natural. 
    • Apply Vaseline on your lips, eyelashes and eye brows, to keep them in place. 
    • Use the blush brush, to apply a lil bit of baby powder to set the whole face, and make a fishy face to help suck your cheekbones in, and by using the blush brush, apply a lil bit of brown eyeshadow on the hollows of your cheeks.

    And, BAMMMM, youre all done. Most of these products you might even have at home, or in your mom’s makeup bag.  Makeup is supposed to enhance your best features, not create a new face. So,  keep it minimal, experiment, and enjoy your time out. And if you have any questions about the prices on any of the products listed above, do leave a comment below, and I’ll make

    sure to give you all the details.

    Until next week, xo Neel..
    Keep smiling until you freak people out! panda 12

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